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from Narrandera to Hay


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after completing my instructors rating with Wally, and having a day to spare, i hired Wally's tecnam for a flight to Hay, as i have never flown this far west at anything less than 35,000ft. not only that, i have driven through Hay on numerous road trips to Adelaide, i though it would be nice to actually stop and visit.



Taxiing for runway 05 at Narrandera.



South of Griffith, the remains of the fog lift, and make an interesting formation. cruising at 6500ft.



not long after leaving the irrigation area of griffith, the landscape changes rapidly to the familiar red plains of the Hay plains, finding creeks on marked on the WAC chart is quite easy out here! nice wide river flood course.



landscape getting flatter and more featureless.



mid cruise. yep, thats my video camera taped to the top of the panel. yes, i know im off track a little, but i was keeping the sturt Hwy within gliding distance for obvious reasons.



this farmer looked like his local cloude seeding might be working! just a small patch of clouds over 1 propery



nice place to put your dams!



its amazing what a difference a few irrigation channels make! does this count as a crop circle?



an hour later, its time to start a descent in Hay. this it Hay, looking towards the west, and the Sturt Highway.



Downtown Hay, i circled around town to line up for a circuit entry on downwind for runway 04.



The main street.



late downwind runway o4.



Outside the Hay aero club, soon after a flotilla of cars arrived to welcome me, thinking i was someone else who was due to return from Swan hill, after seeing my fly over the town, they assumed i was their friend on return from his nav, even though i was not who they expected, they made me feel like i was already close friends of theirs, after this i took a walk into the Shearers museum, i was told it was a 5 min walk, as i was to find out, 5 mins give or take 40!




pic of sheep being rounded up, taken within the museum.




rather large paddock next to a dry creek.



same creek, and small lake marked on the WAC



overflying and joing circuit on crosswind for runway 23 at Narrandera.


total flight time was 2.5 hrs. and i cant fault the technam, onced trimmed straight and level, she mintained altitude to within 50 for the entire 1 hr long cruise, without needing to be touched once set. cant say the same for the Jabiru though. unfortunatly when i parked the technam at Hay, it was on an angle, and sadly as the tanks were still near full, they drained almost 40 ltrs as i was walking and going through the museum. so the return flight had the right hand tank empty, and 3/4 on the left tank, aileron trim would have been usefull!


fortunatly, a few of the local club members saw the leaking fuel, and repositioned the aircraft before i arrived.


for this i thank them!


its also encouraging to note that Hay seams to have quite an active flying club, with a a surprising number of students under training! all looks positive for Recreational flying, and it was fantasitc to meet such nice people at Hay. i will try to make it back there fairly regularly if i can.




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Guest Roger
after this i took a walk into the Shearers museum, i was told it was a 5 min walk, as i was to find out, 5 mins give or take 40!

LOL - Sorry mate...even you city blokes know that time means nothing in the bush! I honestly thought it was about 15 mins - across the paddock.


Some nice pics there! Got exactly the same reception when I ventured out there last year - some lovely people.


Hope you enjoyed your time at YNAR!



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haha, it was no problem Roger, i quite enjoyed the walk and fresh air! so much in fact i have started going for longer walks every evening after work! i might loose some weight at this pace!



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Guest David C

Another great trip report .... Always look forward to your photos , which as always were fantastic .. Many thanks , and Congrats on your Instructor training ..


Dave C



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