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First Landing


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G'day all, I have always wanted to fly but never really thought I could afford it until now. I have completed about 5 hours in a Cessna at the Aero Club, then discovered a open day down at Serpentine and was truly amazed by the type of aircraft around. The cost is really only like the cost of some boats so now I am thinking, I don't have a boat so why not buy a plane instead. You can justify anything if you want to I guess.


I have prepaid for another half dozen lessons at the Aero Club so I might as well complete them, and next I will start looking for a flying school to start learning to fly on an ultralight or LSA. I think Northam or Bindoon WA are the closest. Not sure of the type of flying I want to do yet but WA is a big state and there is a lot to see from the air.


Mark :thumb_up:



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