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Jetpack, schmetpack. Rather than waiting around for a sci-fi fantasy like a jetpack to become available, you could be flying around now in your very own personal helicopter. Yep, Japan's Gene Corporation is currently selling the GEN H-4, an open-air helicopter built for one. With controls and a seat that resemble those of a bicycle, the designers claim the flying machine is easy to use and can be mastered after a mere two hours of practice. Yep, after just two hours of learning to fly you can be tooling around at up to 3,280 feet high at speeds of up to 60 MPH. Yikes. Well, while the risk of smashing yourself into the side of a skyscraper is just as high, at least your chances of exploding are less than if you use a jetpack. You can risk life and limb now with the GEN H-4 for the low, low price of $30,000.



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There's a next step after the strap on helicopter, but I'm keeping that a secret until I can develop it a bit further. :ah_oh:


Similar basics, but should cruise at nearly 100kts!







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