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Sporstar Crash on Final

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Guest High Plains Drifter

Hmmm... does look a little like a model ?


While I was lookin at the clip, I seen another on a Evektor Eurostar beat-up.


I don't think much of the flying, though the engine/airframe nioses were amazing - have a listen; YouTube - Evektor Eurostar



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Nah, there's no way that's a model. I fly rc helis and planes and the reaction to the control surface movements are way too smooth for a model. I know that the abrupt pitch changes may make it look like a model, but even for a model, those attitude changes are too smooth. Additionally, the aspect ratio of the aircraft and the people standing by is too big to be a model...unless it's a big UAV.



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Guest pelorus32

Always wary about judging what's going on in a situation like this.


However, key to me is the pitch instability as he comes over the trees. Suggests to me that he is at or near the stall - pitch instability being one of the things that happens near the stall.


The final departure: on the face of it you could argue that it was a stall and a spin departure. However I'm not convinced about that - there is insufficient pitch down to make that a clear choice. The rotation and the inverted impact do suggest a spin departure.


I end up not being sure. It seems more like he was flying very slowly and a big gust got him.







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