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Taxi Call?

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What would you say?


You are at an aerodrome without taxiways except for up to 36 threshold. (09,18,27 & 36)


You are intending on taking off from 27.


Taxi along 36, turn right into 27.


The taxi call is ..............?


Remember you are entering at 36.



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Guest High Plains Drifter

In my 'no radio' Tiger moth, I'd probably say nothing :big_grin:


Probably help to expand your scenario a bit markendee :thumb_up:



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G'day Mark, 002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif


how about ".....entering and backtracking runway 18 for runway 27...."


and when reaching 27 "....entering and backtracking runway 27...."


if I read you right. :big_grin::big_grin:





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How about blah trafic, jab1234 entering and backtracking rwy36 for rwy27, blah... blah trafic, jab1234 backtracking rwy27, blah. CTAF[i would still use radio] or CTAFR , that is how i would call , as for gaap or cta not at all sure, but a good question the more ithink off it.


am interested on correct call, but as in a lot off calls are a little diff at times as long as not too long and intentions notified. cheers trevor.



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Well if it was a GAAP there wouldn't be a taxi call, but you need clearance to enter 36..


But from the info you have given you'd prolly give a call like


"Jabiru xxxx taxi'ing for runway 27", then before entering 36, "entering 36 for runway 27,"... and then before entering 27, " entering and backtracking 27"..


something like that, unless like HPD with no radio, say nothing but have the head doing 180's all the way..hehe:laugh:



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