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22J Valve Guide oil leak


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We have had in intermittent oil leak from the Valve guide on a J160c Hydraulic valve. Sometimes it will lose 150ml per hour and other times almost nothing!


The "O" rings have been replaced on various cylinders but the problem persists.


Does anyone have a solution to the problem?





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I assume you mean pushrod tubes not valve guides.


Has the head been drilled with the evnt hole?


Maybe a pressure build up is causing oil to get through the O ring or maybe a score mark on the tube?





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Guest Macnoz

I thought i had this as well and did, sorry LAME did a few strip downs, seal replacements, heps of red and or blue gunk.


Long story short (it was #3 cylinder - the one nearest the passengers knee near the fuel pump and hard to see) despite new everything including barrel piston etc in that area it transpired that there was minute pitting abrasion wear or whatever you want to call it on the block.


What did I have to do?


well I hope you dont have to face it but at 404hrs I went for an exchange engine! See posts elsewher in this forum.


Suggest you look much more closely at the source of the leak. The tube you are looking at naturally captures any / all leaks as it is the lowest obstruction point on the engine block. I'l bet my bottom dollar that the leak is elsewher but just manifesting itself at the base of the tube.


I hope for your sake it is not as serious as mine-- the fuel pump seal was another wild goose chase in my case! The scary similarity to my problem is the intermittent nature you describe which Jabiru attritubeted to movement of the barrel relative to the face of the block.


I'm sorry for you if I'm right.


My mastercard is still recovering but at least I have a newish engine



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We are in the process of replacing all of the O rings on the valve tubes, the tubes have been inspected and cleaned the drilles holes in cylinder head are clear


The other thing is that oil might be escapeing or been blown out the holes?


We will do a test flight later today to see if the frproblen is fixed



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Guest catalpa



My 160C used to have oil on the push rod tubes, bottom of the heads, cowels and every where else until I filled the vertical hole in the head up to the small hole that allows the rocker to breath, the rocker hole still breathes, just use some stailess steel wool or if the head is off you can do what I did and fill the hole with heat resistant silicon. guess what no more oil everywhere. I think the air rushing down the larger hole venturied the oil out of the rocker breather.



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