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Puchase price Foxbat A-22L


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Hello all.


I have a resticted licence training on Cessna 172 and 150. Have not flown for while. I thought I would build up flying confidence and purchase of my own aircraft. A Foxbat has come up for sale and I was wondering how much it was worth. It has done about 300 hours. Not sure if this is the forum for this type of thing.







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There are some later models now, do you know which year it is built? There are a few down this way, earlier model did cost about 91K not sure if this included tax or not, and the later model with a few extra gizmo's cost about 123K.


And I feel they both have the same engine 100hp rotax! and Red ones go faster, however they also fad faster!


Nice aero plane to fly, awesome visability.


Cheers Guy:thumb_up:



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