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Griffith Aero Club 60th anniversary

Guest aswetzel

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Guest aswetzel

COME AND CELEBRATE 60 YEARS (we are a RAA/Ultralight & GA Aero Club)


GAC have been operating for 60 years.


This reflects a lot of history and hard work and we are going to celebrate the milestones of the club, and belatedly dedicate the classroom.


Don Menzies, the original CFI at GAC will be on hand to officiate. We would like to invite members and friends to a banquet to celebrate.


Lets swell the ranks from the RuffAsGuts Construction Co and make this a memorable night.


The pig has been prepared, and will be spit roasted for a splendid repast on Saturday Sept 9 - 1900 till expiry of Sartime.


Scone Aero Club are bringing 5 planeloads for a weekend fly in and will join us for the night.


This is a great opportunity to meet old friends and meet the newer crop of aviation enthusiasts.


Tickets for the night are $25 per head for all you can eat. Drinks available as usual.


Please contact the office on 69641666 for bookings and more information.





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Guest aswetzel

It is becoming fairly Ultralight friendly these days. The flying club is half GA & half Ultralight. There has been quite a few GA Private Pilots converting over to RAA via the Aero Club there too.


Come along and check it out!



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