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Sensenish Prop.

Modest Pilot

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Fitted the new Sensenish 62" X 56" prop today.


Climb: Better requires further testing.


Cruise: 124KN @ 1500ft. 14C; F/F 22.5 lt/hr @ 2800rpm; Oil temp 85; CHT 250F;


EGT 700C .


Max Pwr: 140kn. 3100rpm. 34lt/hr.


Smoother, much better than dynamically balance previous prop.


Jabiru LSA approved for all except J160. $Cost: $1400 Aus from Jabiru ex Bundy.





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Yes I seen the first of these at my last visit to Jabiru. These were a hardwood prop as apposed to the softwood used by Jabiur and they were slightly modifying the pitch at the time and waiting for a new batch to arrive from the US. I gather this is that batch? Is it fitted to the J230C/D LSA? What was your climb?



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Sorry still recoverying from Oshkosh trip!


Mine's a J230D, the T/O weight was 570KG.


Rod said all but the J160. Don't know if it has trialled on the J120.


I always climb out after clean up at 80 - 90 Kn so hard to say.


If you want to go for climb go for the 53" pitch. You'll get 1000'+ a min. Will get to 140KN OK but overspeeds I'm told. (3400rpm)



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