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Hi ,I just joined, my aviation background stems from child hood, my grandfather was an aviator in the war, also my father designed and built an aircraft called the Ligeti Stratos, his friends would take me up flying in ultralights, GA aircraft and Gyrocopters as a child. I thought it was great fun and interesting so I chose pursue a career in aviation as an aerospace engineer.



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welcome Ron


I just learned about the Ligeti Stratos on the thread elsewhere on this forum. It is sure one beautiful looking aircraft. I think someone else described it as a Lambourghini of the sky, a very fitting description. Next time I am in Ballarat I will be sure to visit the aviation museum and see it in real life. Are you are a pilot as well as an aerospace engineer?





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Thanks Tezza,


I did abit of flying mainly Cessna's and some gliding. I havent flown much recently due to other commitments, I'm planning to do some flying out of Moorabin soon.


Lamborgini of the sky, havent heard that one - it's quite flattering and a credit to my father.


I actually didn't know about the Ballarat museum display. I want to see it soon. if it was the one my father passed away in i might pay homage to what happened and examine it to see if theres anything else i might learn from the second aircraft.



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