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How soon we forget

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I hadn't flown a Jabie for about four months so I decided to head off down to Murray Bridge today, and brush up my skills. Wow, what an eye opener. Luckily I had an instructor, Neil Wickens, with me so a total foul-up was avoided. Having been flying a Sport Cub with tandem seats and a more diving sort of approach, the Jab caught me by surprise and I had difficulty in getting it right. My landings were initially hard to heavy with a lot to be desired in the directional area. Flares were all over the place and, I guess, due to sitting off center, I was drifting in somewhat 'skewed'. After five circuits, Neil let me go solo and with the weight reduction, I seemed to cope better. Before you think it, Neil is not a heavy weight by any means, but I managed much better flares without him.


Another problem also came to light. MB was really busy with at least 4 jabies, a Gazell and a motor glider in circuit plus others joining mid down wind for full stops. Therfore not only was it important to listen carefully and visualize all these aircraft, but a good look out was imperitive to maintain safe seperation. Some students got their radio transmissions back to front, some radios were almost unreadable and at one point the Gazell didn't transmit at all. Another problem was the variety of circuits being flown. Height variations weren't so much a problem although the glider did loose a lot on downwind and therfore dissappeared from my view. I opted to go slightly wider than normal so that he remained visible. Others were going 'cross country' before they turned base. Why? Had the circuit been quieter I would have called that I was going in on a short final or continuous curve approach. There's just no need to start your finals from 3/4K's out.


All in all, it was a good exercise and I will be going down again, soon. Besides, I left my log book there so I have an excuse for SWMBO.


So be warned, if you don't use it, you loose it. If you haven't flown, or flown a particular type, for a long time, then get a check flight rather than think you'll be OK. Chances are, you won't.



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