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Victa's only?


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Perhaps this user group should be called Airtourers & Airtrainers...the aircraft name didn't change...just the many manufacturer names associated with building them.




While not technically a "Victa", as you all know the CT4 was developed from the Airtourer (actually the 4 seat Aircruiser) by AESL following the demise of the Victa aviation group and subsequent sale of designs / certifications etc. to this New Zealand company...which then went through a few of its own changes and ended up today as Pacific Aerospace Corporation (PAC) and still manufacturing the CT4.



The Airtourer lives on through the Airtour Cooperative, full details, history etc. can be found on the Airtourer Association website at http://www.airtourer.asn.au


Without a place to call home like a CT4 Owners Group or simliar, the CT4 owners of Australia are invited to join the Airtourer Association as we have recently done and join about 15 other CT4 owners.




The Airtourer Cooperative Inc has been partly or fully responsible for support of the Airtourer series aircraft since 1988. The directors are confident that support of the Airtourer series aircraft has been effective and is being further enhanced by several recent initiatives.


The Coop has recently (2005) resumed control of the Australian Type Certificates (link) for Victa Airtourer 100 and 115 (TC 34-1 and TC 34-3). Type Acceptance Certificates for New Zealand built Airtourers registered in Australia are underway, with the T6 certificate in already in place.


Transfer of New Zealand Type Certificates (link) A4, A7 and A8 for AESL and Victa Airtourer 100, 115, T3, T4, T5, T6 and T6/24 aircraft is underway but awaiting T3 documents.




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