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Broken down truck.


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Late one cold, wet, miserable night a truckie was driving his rig slowly along a narrow, dark, winding, muddy, country road. The rain was so heavy he could barely see 5 metres in front of him. It was a trip that he had done many times before...but tonight something felt different. He could feel the hairs standing up on the back of his neck. It was like... something was watching him...when all of a sudden his headlights went out and the engine stopped dead! He frantically searched for his mobile phone but when he finally found it, it too was dead. What was he going to do!


Well, all of a sudden the rain began to stop and he could just start to make out a faint glimmer of light glowing in the distance.It was a farm house. He was scared to be in that dark cab any longer... he had to get out of there now. So he unlocked the door and out he jumped. He ran like he had never run before, and he felt his heart beating like it was ready to explode. He got to the door and started beating on it like there was tomorrow. When finally the porch light came on. He was saved.


The door slowly creaked open and there in the doorway dimly lit by the light from the fireplace was this little old man. "Please mister" he said. "My truck has just broken down just down the road a bit and I need somewhere to stay till the morning until I can get someone out to help me."


The old man looked at him and said " Ok but there is something I need to tell you first."


"My Phone actually does work....I haven't got three beautiful daughters...and I only have one bed but you're welcome to bunk with me."


To which the truckie replies " Oh crap. I'm in the wrong joke!"



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