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Handheld Transceivers

Guest Roger

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Looking to purchase a good handheld transceiver, preferably PC programmable.


Icom seems to be the brand of choice however not all I've heard is good.


Thanks for your thoughts/suggestions in advance.





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Hi Roger <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I have Pilot and have found very good transmit ion is good as well as reception.


I got mine from Wadeair details below.Don




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<TD =catalogtable width=250>Vertex Standard Pilot VHF Nav/Comm Handheld</TD>


<TD =catalogtable width=110>Y-VXA-210</TD>


<TD =catalogtable style="TEXT-ALIGN: right" width=70>$ 549.00</TD></TR></T></TABLE>



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I used an Icom IC22E for years and the battery packed up which did not matter as I used it on A/C 12V power, then it failed completely after being fixed 3 times.


I then bought a Vertex which gave me trouble with what seemed to be feedback in the headphones. The dealer tried to fix it and suggested that the headset was u/s, but I had the headset tested as OK by the local radio specialists, and I also had them fix the Icom again.


Eventually the headset failed completely and I bought new, now I have 2 radios and the feedback problem is fixed, but I do find that when the batteries get low the GPS will affect the Vertex radio.


All in all I feel happier with the Vertex. It is smaller and easier to use. Finding a good repairer is not easy.





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