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I have had one lesson in an Air Borne Classic Flexwing Trike with a rotax 582 engine.


So I don't know much about flying or Aircraft I am 51 years of age , kinda late to get started but better late then never.


I am in Far North Queensland Australia, I love it even though it has regional/rural issues like no show rooms not much in the way of choice for second hand craft, tech and mechanical people are not in abundance, still I wouldn't live anywhere else.


My Instructor has a gazzillion hours up and read my personality well, my first hour in a flexwing trike was a sublime and yet invigorating experience,it was as if I had imbibed the elixir of eternal smiling, after the climb up from take off we level out at 1,000 ft and I start having a good look around.


I look down, and then out at the horizon then notice some puffy little clouds a bit higher an to our left, then bingo I get a smile that splits my face from ear to ear and it doesn't fade, even hours later when I have got home, I am still walking round grinning like a loon, magic just magic.


That first lesson was a couple of days ago and when I start thinking about that airtime I just start smiling all over again.


I am going to get my ticket, I just have to drink me some more of that "Potion of Eternal Smiling".


So anyway I hope to learn about it from them that know :)


Cheers All





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098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Walter


Great to hear you enjoyed your trike flight I passed through Pt Douglas in a trike a few years ago on a circumnavigation of Aus & its a beautiful place to fly.


Good luck with your training





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North Qld is the go.


098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Walter,


I know your area well and your quite right,better late than never, but 51 is not late.


I own and fly a Maxair,wire braced Drifter off my own property at Deeral,45 k south of Cairns.


I`ve flown in a Trike several times over the years and I think they are great flying machines,it`s just that I think Drifters are better, but then I know I`m biased.;)







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I have no idea what a drifter is but I will find out.


I am pretty much an empty vessel in regards to flying and aircaft , I will probably lurk for a while on the forums and learn a bit before I start posting.


Deeral would be similar conditions to Port Douglas .. Mountains one side the Sea on the other, farms and forest in between, we are lucky to have an interesting variety of landscapes to fly over :)



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I thought you might like a photo of some of the Deeral area and our property.


The red cross in the first photo is the strip, the 2 blue crosses in the other one is our property and the red one at the top of that photo is the Cairns area.











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Yep I thought it would look something like that, perfect one day and even better the next, we got it good up here.


I live about 80k past and up along the coast from the red X in the second pic.


Looks like you have got some good fishing and crabbing right off the end of your property.


Will have to fly down that way once I have my ticket, but it will be a while before I can fly on my own.


Cheers farri :)



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