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Sonex Canopy

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Anyone know if you can get someone in Australia to mold a new Sonex canopy.


The orginals are to brittle and crack in time. The new one's have 25% more plastizer and are reasonably priced but freight works out at around $1000. 1 or 10 the freights about the same. We need 2 in S E QLD so if anybody else is interested it may a worthwhile importing. RSVP



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I recently bought a two year old Sonex second hand with 100 hours on it. From the records, it appears to be on its second canopy and came with a third partially-completed. Which is just as well, as the one currently fitted has many stress cracks. Stop-drilling doesn't help much. The material is obviously too light and brittle for the job and because the frame is so light it allows the whole thing to flex every time it's opened or closed.


If I had the ability, I would design a slider canopy for it and dump the side piano hinge arrangement.


As for someone locally-based moulding one in something a bit stronger - like Lexan -why not try a place that does boat windows? They would be used to compound curves to fit hull and cabin shapes and boats suffer all sorts of flexing and stressing.



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