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Rotax 582 RFI suppressor location


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Hi all


I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if it make sense that my Rotax 582 Grey head, on my Thruster Gemini, has a radio suppressor connected in between the Grey Tachometer wire and the wire leading to the tachometer.


Many thanks:thumb_up::thumb_up:





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Hi Rich,


How is the Thruster going?


The supressor is an installation needed when a Powermate regulator (Powermate instructions)is fitted to the engine. This is to stop an RPM reading drop on one of the mags when doing a mag check. It does not do anything to the engine RPM, just the reading on the tacho. without the supressor the tacho would indicate a large drop on one mag and little on the other with no noticable difference in actual engine RPM between the two. But also by chance it greatly reduced ignition static in the radio.


Hope all is going well.





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