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  1. All of the above ideas are good to check out. I had problems with noise in my headsets in my Thruster with a 582 for a long period of time, and tried the above mentioned solutions with little improvement. I was told about the power mate regulator and dodged around it for some time as money was not plentiful. In the end I rang the gentleman, Cluas I think his name is. Lucky for me I live in south QLD and when I was in the Brisbane area one time I dropped in to see him. After talking to him I decided to purchase one. It turned out to be be a good decision. I no longer own my Thruster, and I w
  2. Regulator I am no expert, but it sounds to me like there could be some sort of interference from the aircraft, more than likely the engine electrical. Also double check all connections again. There is a very good engine regulator that is advertised in the in the RAAus mag which usually solves those problems. The man that supplies these will also be able to help you with advise on your problem. Harthy
  3. Harthy

    Jabiru 120

    I have to agree totally with what Ballpoint said. There will always be critics out there and Jab haters, but the majority can't be wrong. I also have a J120 and love it to bits. Mine has 840 hours on it and it runs as sweet as the day i got it. I am not saying it is perfect because it is not, and neither is any aircraft. But it is great!!!! You would think at times that the other makes don't ever have troubles the way some talk. Here's a challenge for everyone. For 60K fly away, someone come up with an aircraft that is better value for money and parts that are on the shelf in Australi
  4. What ever you decide to do with the prop, do not put polish on it (Silicon Polish) as any type of repairs will not be able to be carried out if needed. The old Brolga prop builder told me that. Can't think of his name at the moment. Lanoline will keep them looking good. Harthy
  5. Aeroshell Sport Plus 2 stroke I see that Shell have released a new 2 stroke oil called Aeroshell Sport Plus 2. It is designed for ultralight aircraft engines. I looked on the aeroshell website but it doesn't show up yet, but you will find some links if you do a search. And it is available in Australia. I won't mention any names here but you can find it. Harthy
  6. Harthy

    All Jabiru Owners

    I got onto some of that blue exercise mat. You can get in 10 to 12mm thick, or about 19 to 20 mm thick. This stuff is very dense, and when put under the standard seat cover it works very well. It solved my knumb bum problems. Takes about 5 minutes to cut and fit. I got some from one of the cheap jack shops to try out, and it has been there ever since. Worth a try!! Harthy
  7. My apologies Jack. I didn't think about you guys so far from Bundaberg. It is usually over night for parts to get to me from Jabiru. I also certainly don't buy my filters, plugs and oil from Jabiru either. But I do with the rest. Harthy
  8. Trying to make an assumption on what Jabiru parts are used for in automotive use, so you can possibly get them cheaper, I feel is very dangerous. Not that all Jabiru parts are much more or at all more expensive any way. Remember who's bum is in the seat of the plane, and the thought going through your head. "Have I got the right parts in my Aircraft. Is it going to stop" Peace of Mind! For the sake of a few dollars for parts that are not often changed, to me is a no brainer. I don't have money to throw around, but I do value my passengers and my safety. Sometimes spending less can
  9. Mick, With many years of experience in rebuilding engines, you need to do as the manual says. As for rebuilding the jab engine. You are not first person to do so. All of the others that have rebuilt jab engines would have followed the manual or instructions. I'm sure with the experience of the Jabiru engineers, they would have it right. With no exception from what I have seen, the notch or the arrow on the piston goes towards the front of the engine unless specified other wise. I also have heard that the jab pistons are not Holden pistions, as are other parts that have been dobbed wit
  10. If you feel ether is not a problem, no one can stop you from using it. The point is, you have other issues to sort out, whether it is thick oil or a bad battery, or what ever. Ether is convenient, easy to use, and it works. But don't! Harthy
  11. I'll go with Tomo on that about the ether. I have been in in the machanical game for many years and taught it for 11 years. My advise is to keep ether away from any engine that is in good condition. If your engine doesn't start you have other problems that need looking at. Ether's main use is for engines that require compression for ignition (Diesel engines). Worn engines or cold ones will lack the heat generated on the compression stroke for ignition(Diesel engines).This when it can be used. So unless you jab engine is way down on compression( In that case it shouldn't be flying), I would
  12. One thing with starting my Jab that I do now without thinking. I don't just pull the choke out, I hold it right out. I noticed that if you pull it out and let it go, it will creep back in a little. This would be enough to not get full choke and would cause hard starting. Just a thought and might be worth investigating. Harthy
  13. Sounds like you do need to look further. It was about 3 degees yesterday morning in Dalby and my jab started before it did one rotation, and starts when it is below 0 degrees without any effort. Yes I am one of the mad ones that flies when it is cold. Harthy
  14. To remove the goo on the elevator, petrol and a rag work very well. Soak it on a bit, then it will still take a bit of rubbing to get it off. Turps does work but not as good as petrol. Then clean it up with some polish before putting on the new stuff. At the moment I have been using reinforced white duct tape, which looks and seems to work like the original tape. I have been told you can get some good quality medical tape from the chemist that will last longer. Other then that, ring Jabiru for the right stuff. Have to replace mine on Saturday again Harthy
  15. Commando Guys, weight is very important when flying light aircraft. So if going commando cuts down the weight, why not?:thumb_up: LOL. I thought the Thongs might draw a comment! Yes ready for Childers on the weekend. I will be taking my son and my jocks
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