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  1. still flying Gooday Dave Good to catch up with you, been flat out not flying, (that sucks) nice to see you close to finishing your cert. then x countrys thats more fun least you get to go some where. We have a open day in Cowra on the 24th if you can come bring Bianca. Hope to catch up soon Mick
  2. Glass Pannel Gooday Bruce I have friends with Odyssey, Tru Trak and Dynon Glass pannels they are always adjusting the setup and updating them, If your not good with computers I would run a standard pannel. Less Hassle. Yours in Flying Mick
  3. Crap Weather Gooday Dave the weather has been pritty crap. Good to see u up there. Had a fly on Saturday afternoon after doing 25h service just for fun. \ Will catch up soon Mick.
  4. This is from Brumby A/C Thread Hi The first new engine run for about 30min andthen when we removed the cowls and doing checks when we seen paint peeling from one barrel.When we removed the paint it was blue fom heat. This was also making a noise as well on that cylinder. So was replaced Next engine We repalced engine with another new engine that jab supplied and it lasted 15-20 hours and then one day in downwind the engine made loud bang and the prop stoped. After a forced landing i went to retreive the plane and the engine had locked up. I then removed plugs from engine t
  5. pistion offset GEE that sounds like the standard problems that Jabs have normaly. Hummmm. Yours in flying Mick
  6. gwillimm

    Brumby A/C

    I wonder if Jabiru recalled there motors with that batch of pistions before any more failed.
  7. gwillimm

    Brumby A/C

    Gooday Chris Regular servicing is the secret I change the oil every 25 hours. As a reformed mechanic my moto is, Its cheaper to replace the oil & Filter than replace the motor. I just had a top end overhall done @ 750hours. As for the Brumby not supplying Jab motors I beleve you can still order one but you will have to pay for the R & R and freight if they fail. Danny may be able to answer that question. One of our club members is on her 3rd New Jab 3300 motor in less than 40 hours she's not that impressed with there motors. Look forward to catch with up on y
  8. :clap:Congratulations Dave Your in flying Mick
  9. gwillimm

    Brumby A/C

    The Brumby Aircraft Gooday all I have a brumby for 3.5 years now and have over 900 hours in flying time. Part of my employment is inspecting housing through out NSW. I land in paddocks, dirt stips and use the plane as a work horse. I love it and its a plesure to fly. Danny and the guys at Brumby aviation are helpfull. I havent had any problems and will be up dating next year to a new model Brumby. Mine cruses with a Jab 3300 @115kts, 2750 rpm @19ltrs. If any one needs any info please contact me Yours in flying Mick
  10. cant get enouth Good Dave good to see you up there again. Today no flying for me but will be up there tomorow. Might be in Bathurst after lunch are u around? yours in flying Mick
  11. Weather humm Gooday Dave Hows it going, weather not real good. Looks like crap all week. good for ground school. Yours in flying MIck
  12. Flying Flying Flying Gooday Dave Yep nother good day flying, how about you? Weather CAVIC Yours in flying Mick
  13. How can we aford flying Gooday Wait untill you buy a plane. I got the plane and the wife got a Mercedes Expencive plane humm Yours in flying MIck
  14. The J2 Jab love it or not. Gooday dave Did about 1.5 hours in the jab today. The 160 Jab is a big improvement on the early J2 Yer the early Jab is good to learn in they have a small rudder so you have to fly it. The early Jabs wen't sorted and there weight & Balance envelope is very small you just have to get use to them but there fun to fly. A lot of the GA pilots don't like them only because you have to fly them. When i fly a Cesna's 172 & 182 I think its boaring or a 210 thats like flying a house brick not to mention the fuel consumption. :ah_oh: The Bru
  15. Good weather again Gooday Dave Hope you were up today, blue skys again not a bump. Took up a J2 jab today did some curcuts. They are still good fun. Did you do any flying today? How is the study going must be close for your exam's. Yours in flying Mick
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