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Whats the "Speed" like?


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Guest micgrace



If it's anything like the original Lightwing, tough as an old boot and very adaptable. I have seen more than one person crash a lightwing (not the fault of the aircraft) and they took little effort to repair. Steel tube fuselage. Aluminium wing.


Micgrace :)



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Agreed Micgrace, Howie builds mighty tough aeroplanes.


I had a good crawl all over the Speed at Narromine. Very roomy. Looks very strong, even a bit agricultural (by comparison with the plastics). I thought it looked much better in the flesh than in the photos I had seen.


It certainly had the prototype look about it - a few rough edges, etc but I was seriously impressed.


Howie's onboard navigation system, with its 68cm touch screen (well, it really looked big!) is very impressive.


I don't know the pricing for a factory-built certified model, and I'm less than enthusiastic about the turbo Rotax (914). Says more about me than about the engine. I just don't like turbos. Too many more bits to go wrong.


I'll be interested to fly it in due course, to gauge a feel before I decide on my next purchase.


I jes LURV Lightwings. And if I am ever unfortunate enough to be in an aircraft accident, I pray that I'm in a Lightwing.





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Guest Jetgirl

Hi, we went up and saw the new Speed prototype. Very very spacious. Alot of baggage room. Mostly metal construction. We suggested a few changes to the prototype which we have been thrilled to find out have been implemented in the production model. These included easier accessability for people with mobility issues and toe brakes. Also a better positioned (two positions) control as the one that was in it was a little out of reach for shorter people. A couple of small changes to the floor area and where the seat sits to give you more room as well.


Seems like a very well built aircraft.


About $105k-ish plus GST at the moment I think.





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The new Speed 2000 is a LSA (600kgMTOW). For any one who saw the first they would only be able to say the production aircraft are shaped like it !.The first two are now completed and look great. One is a 912, the other a 914, based in Sydney and SE Qld.


They are a massive step up the recreational aviation evolutional ladder for Lightwing and I feel they can hold their place with anything available in Australia at this time.



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Guest Maj Millard

Kudos to Terry at the Lightwing factory. At least the last time I visited, he was welding up the first Speed sub fuselages. He also did many of the GR lightwing fuselages also, and I am happy to be flying one. I had a close look at a fuselage that Terry was in the middle of welding up in a jig, and I can tell you he knows what he is doing. One of our best Kiwi imports. Plus he was nice enough to lend me his bike so I could ride into town from the airport a couple of times. 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Hey Maj


When were you up at the factory?


I put an order in for a speed before xmas


it might have been my airframe they were working on.


Deliver is now about 4 weeks away Fingers crossed.







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Guest Maj Millard

Yes Kent , it was a while ago, I think they said it was for a customer in Warrick. I had a quick sit in the prototype, but had to fly out quick, due approaching weather in a Sport 2000 we were picking up. I was hoping for a fly but it didn't happen. I was generally impressed with what I saw. I have really liked Lightwings for a while now, and would jump at the chance to fly the Speed, even though I'm more of a high wing man. If they fly, and are built like the high wing one's, they will be good value for sure.


Also heard that Howie has a dealer in the US now and suppling around ten units over there. Don't know what that will do for the local market, prices etc. Maybee more good things to come ?? Cheers Ross 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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"Picking up a Sport 2000". If it was the last one of them built recently it probably was my Speed that did go to Warwick.


Has been completed for some time now as it (and two others) were at Natfly 08 and it has been around Australia last year.


A number of teething problems have occured, some of which were not unexpected on a new design, some others which have reinforced my view of O'Rielly's Law (that's the law that thought Murphy was an optimist!).


I think it flys well and has a future for people wanting something different than a Jab if one accepts it can never compeat on price alone. Recent Euro and US$ exchange rate increases should help it's price positioning in the market regarding the imports.


Have recently had an autopilot fitted as I found 3 to 5hr legs flying across Australia quite tiring. Have not yet spent any worthwhile time with this as currently involved with a house move which seems to be taking all my time currently.


As I'm moving much closer to Warwick Airfield (from Brisbane) visitors can get a fly (contact off forums) if rearly interested (MUST be able to land on 1600m sealed runway to visit!).



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Orion, noted you sent private message but not up to that level of computer work. Kept all paper records and accounts for my Company up to retirement. (Do not like computers thus only very basic in operation).


If you wish you can get me most evenings (not tomorrow 5 Feb) on 07 33964707 where I will be happy to answer questions.



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Guest Maj Millard

HEON, yes I think it may have been you'r aircraft. Most new designs require a little redesign along the way, that's normal and a development thing. Sorry to hear you are a little busy at the moment.


Will drop in to say Hi if I am down that way, 1600 mts shouldn't be a problem, and I always have a good look first anyway. Likewise if you'r up this way anytime give me a yell, ok. As far as ride goes, I have always found the ride in a low wing to be a little harsher than in a highwing. I think with the load suspended below the wing it possibly dampens things out a bit. This is also more noticable in an aircraft on floats.


The high wing Lightwings tend to bob around a bit too sometimes, is the autopilot working ok ?.


No good coming up here at the moment as we are all going to need floats soon, if the rain doesn't stop. Cheers.



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