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Hi from Sunny the Drifter_driver


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hello folks just introducing myself, I am Sunny and I fly from The Oaks airfield (Sydney) usually every weekend and been flying for 8 yrs now. I normally fly my Drifter christened "BIRD" (Wire braced with Rotax 503) but occasionally also fly Jabiru`s, Lightwing, Quicksilver and Bantom for a bit of variety. Though I am new to the forum I believe my mate Darren Masters (who also flies from the oaks) has already posted some material of us flying around the oaks area in Drifter. My passion for flying started 9 yrs ago when I happened to see a guy doing hanggliding in sydney`s northern beaches area. As I watched this guy riding the coastal lift going back and forth and then land on the beach I felt something inside me come alive which I have never felt before. I learned to fly the hang gliders from Lee Scott of High adventure airpark. Hang gliding was great fun but very weather dependent (not to mention 1.5 hrs drive to stanwell) so went to fly GA aircraft for short period which was too expensive and full of officialdom and then went to AUF (now RAAus) and have never looked back ever since. though I dont do much hanggliding these days but still has Moyes Delta XT165 glider with sails still crisp and great colour scheme.(any buyers, wannabe hangies out there??). I learnt to fly in jabiru aircraft in Daves flying school (then called ultralight aviators flight training and run by Noel(CFI), Dave was flight instructor at that time) and then went on to fly different aircraft, Mark George`s Drifter being one of those and I immediately fell in love with Drifter flying. I bought my Drifter about 3 yrs ago and have loved every moment ever since. These days most of my flying happens around the local sydney area and illawarra coast and rest of the day on the airfield are filled with listning to shear exaggerations and outright damn lies of aviation bravado by my fellow aviators and in general bullsh*ting about aviation.







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Guest Fred Bear

Hey mate. Welcome. Good to see you on here. Did not reply sooner as we just got back from our outback adventure. Enjoy these forums and see you on the weekend. :) Bantam maybe? Ha ha 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Hi there Sunny.


I see you did some hang gliding and just wondered how 'physical' the training is. I have always dreamed of doing it one day but just never got around to it...thats why my mates call me Gunnabee I guess lol. I am 55 years old and phyically average I would say, and was wondering if I could handle the training. It's a bit gruelling I heard. Flying without power is the ultimate I recon.


I did have a fly in a drifter at Sunbury about 15 years ago and found it rather exciting stuck right out front (almost on the nose of the aircraft) like that. I'm used to having plenty of aircraft in front of me. It has got to be the closest thing to "flying by your pants" I recon hehe.


Anyway mate, welcome and all the best with ya Drifter ;)



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hello michael, there are two ways to get your hanggliding licence


1. hard yaka bust your guts kind of training, where you do all your training on the hills and the hardest part is carrying the glider uphill on your shoulders after the glide. takes few (3-4 if u lucky)months to get your licence. training schools generally run by solo operators.


2. easy and slightly expensive way, here you go straight to 3000ft in tandem flight with instructor towed by trike and then glide down learning controls and landing procedures. the training also involves winch towing for solo training flights. also involves some hill training as well. you get your licence in 2 weeks training(if weather is good). training facilities generally run by well equiped schools (airfield, trikes for towing, winch tows, multiple instructors, sometimes access to subsidised accomodation etc.)


I dont think age 55 is any problem especially for method 2 . however if you are concerned you can always go for paragliding which is basically same as hanggliding only less hassles (less setup and packup times and are able to utilise even marginal lift to stay aloft) it only takes about 2-3 days training before you will be riding high(under supervision )


hanggliding costs: training around $2000


good used beginer glider+harness around $2000-$3000


what you get: ultimate adventure weather permitting


my 2 Cents



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Hi Sunny,


Just found your post. I had a wander around 'Bird" while I was out at the Oaks a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be good to have a chat with you.


I've just started flying again and the path you've taken is pretty much where I see myself going... anyway I've put a post on the Drifter Users Group section which pretty much shows where I'm at right now.


Looking forward to meeting you on the field one day.




Wayne Hack



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Guest David C

Wayne and Don ,


I'm sure Sunny won't me jumping in here . You see Sunny is in India at the mo . He is there for about 4 months , he left last week . So unless he has access to a computer over there , he will not be able to acknowledge your posts . However I am sure he will be delighted by your good wishes , and like all of us at The Oaks , would love to see you pop in one day and say G'day .


Happy flying to you both .





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Thanks for that David If Sunny doesn't have access to a computer he will have good wishers on his return and all being well I will drop into the oaks and enjoy some of yourlegendary hospitality. ;)0.gif Don smiley32.gif



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