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Flight Training at Moorabbin Recommendation?

Guest paulkoan

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Guest paulkoan

Hello everyone.


I am about 6 hours from GFPT and am relocating to Melbourne from Albury.


It would be great to get some flight school recommendations - Moorabbin will be my nearest airport.


Many thanks,





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Guest gosk8ing

Its probably a bit late since your post was over a month ago, but ill put in my recommendation anyway.


I learnt how to fly at Royal Victorian Aero Club (RVAC) and am now an instructor there. The aircraft hire rates are one of the lowest at moorabbin and they are also one of the busiest schools. At the moment they have 2 Sportstars, 5 Cessna 152s (with another 3 on the way), 8 Warriors, 2 Cessna 172s, 2 Arrows, and about 4 twins.


Spend one day at moorabbin looking at all of the schools and aircraft and pick one that your happy with.


Good luck



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Most new student pilots approach this question too casually in my opinion. I.e. each lesson is only a few hundred dollars so take an appropriate amount of time to research and choose. Sit back and consider how much effort you should be putting in for a decision to spend $10,000 or so.


I've been concerned with some posts that I've seen where students have had numerous instructors and flown multiple types before solo – there' something wrong there. Junior instructors must have their students checked by a senior instructor as required so there's a hint – do you want a junior instructor. Walk into a flying school and enquire about learning to fly and you'll get the instructor who just happens to be there. You want the instructor who's so busy that he/she is not sitting around waiting for a stray enquiry.


Certainly follow up the other responses here with those schools but take more of an interest in the instructor. Talk to a lot of them – you'll be spending a lot of time with him/her and spending a large amount of money – the outcome depends on their skills/knowledge and how well you get on with them.


Also consider how you will use the licence when you've finished – will you want to continue at that school to hire aeroplanes and participate in their activities or not? What aeroplane have you been flying until now – probably a factor in your choice of school?


There is some good general advice here: [/url]











Also check out [/url]http://melbourneflighttraining.com.au/





and http://www.mfs.com.au/







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