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Rotax 582 engine oil

Guest GA/Triker

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Guest GA/Triker

Hi guys,


For a new comer like me with NO expertise on the 2-stroke, its great to read your responses and pick up some ideas.


I have a 582 blue head in a Airborne Trike. It currently runs Penrite engine oil, but as we all know that's now all pretty much dried up. I am looking at the Castrol TTS, a fully synthetic oil (a novice like me would say this sounds like the best) but the experts recommend Castrol 2T, a mineral based oil.


Firstly what are your views, and secondly what's the best way to make the change to ensure no problems with engine running with the change over of oils.


Thanks guys.



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Most of the trikers at YCAB used to run Penrite. After a fair bit of discussion & investigation they have switched to Castrol Activ 2T. I know the guys running pre-mix just started using it.I'll ask the ones with oil-injection if they drained the oil first (but I suspect they didn't).


Personally I would be inclined to not mix brands in the rotary valve lubrication. If its Penrite in there - keep a little spare to top it up then change it all when its due for replacement. Having the right quantity is definately more important than not mixing brands though !


As an aside, on your pre-flight inspection its worth actually taking the cap off the rotary valve oil reservoir tocheck the level. Over time, the oil stains the plastic & I heard of a case where the level droppedbut the owner never noticed as it looked ok from outside.



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Oil in 582 Rotax




I have had considerable experience with the 582, as regards oils we live on the coast here just north of Durban, SA. We (our club) have about 21 blue top 582s (except me with a HKS). We have a very high ambient as well as high humidity levels during summer, same as you guys. My first 582 popped at 180 hrs, i used synthetic oil with oil injection, second one at 320 hrs mineral oil and oil injection. I personally gave up. However the others didnt. Some tips:


Use unleaded fuel and pre mix


Trash the oil injection completely


Pre mix just before flight (dont leave fuel in tank for a long time).


Do not use synthetic oils (they are hydroscopic) and stick to mineral oils.


Save up for a four stroke...


The 503 is amazingly bullet proof and lasts forever, good piece of kit.


Some chaps put on a auxilliary fuel pump.


To change over just drain tank and fly new fuel.


I have witnessed a few engine outs with that motor and seen a few used as hangar ornaments...they are also prone to carb icing.


Strange though if used in a school with continuous usage they seem to give good hours and the cranks last about 600 hrs before replacement.


Cheers Paul



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I have just bought a Vampire with a 140 hr old 503, what oil would you use? the previous owner has been using Mobil synthetic 2 stroke stuff, unfortunately i don't have much experience with 2 stroke engines make that none!


I also own a RX7, with the 13 rotary, and cooling is better in that when i run a mineral oil as opposed to a synthetic stuff, as rotary engines inject oil into the fuel air mix in the carby.. will this be similar to a 503 in the way the oil effects it?



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