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Wiring Anything To Work and Last Well

Guest Lee Schaumberg

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Guest Lee Schaumberg



Many people wire radois, gauges, and other devices like the trailer lite wires on thier car. Unless the individual is an airplane mechanic it is only legal on a homebuilt by the builder. Many tools exist to properly wire anything.


The first tool to have is a volt meter. The cost can be as low as 10.00 dollars. Mine is a more capable one costing 40.00 dollars. Mine also measures temperature using a K type thermocouple.


The next tools are wire cuting, wire striping, and terminal installation. Some people solder the wires before criming on a terminal. Short term this works good but makes the wire easier and quicker to break off. The good terminal installation tools are ratchet pliers that only release after full compression. A good wiring pliers can cost 60.00 dollars.


The actual terminal that I use is a ring type aircraft terminal. Push on terminals work fine with out vibration. If push ons are used make it vibration proof with some thing.The aircraft terminals are higher quality and work better. Just ask a local airplane mechanic whats better. B&C specialties out of Newton,Kansas can be searched for details.


Please feel free to ask experianced people or me if you want. Lee



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