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Guest Peter Martin

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05/23 approx 1000m of dirt sloping down to NE. PPR & don't land if there is racing on at the horse track adjacent.


More info in the AOPA airstrip guide I believe







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Nanango: 1000m grass; 1180ft ASL; 05/23; slope thus land 23&take off 05; average 2% slope towards NE (short section 4% slope 300m from SW end) therefore fails warrants of ALA; 400m NE end soft after wet weather; possible horses on race days; permission required from Council; if windy tall trees cause potential wind sheer; tall trees located near SW end of strip; windsock NE side.


About three years since I've been there so use above with care.



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Been there many times..........think it is 23/05........up hill in the 23 direction....it is right next to the race course.....grass and about 1000 mtrs.....good surface.......about $12 in a cab to town.......RSL has a good counter lunch.....call me for more info Rod 0428 72 62 72.



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