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3rd party insurance

Guest ozzie

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As members of the RAAus we have a coverage of 1 million for third party liability. In this day and age is this enough?


Hasanyone obtained have a higher coverage? if so how much extra coverage do you have and how much did you pay for it?


I was told that there are some private airports that are asking higher coverage for ultralights to be operated from their airports.


Do any think it may be wise to have the RAAus increase our third party coverage and pay a higher yearly fee?



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Hi Ozzie,


The limit will soon be raised to 5million I believe. It is still on the lower end of today's requirements, but better than 1.


I believe Andrew Hicks (president) will be shedding more light on that subject in the November magazine issue.





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can someone please shed more light as to what exactly this third party insurance covers at the moment ? possibly in laymans language cheers satnam



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Covers you against the damage your plane will do to other people or


property but does not cover you, your plane or your passengers.


Your plane would need to be covered by hull insurance to cover the cost of the damage to your plane..



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You could always land on my hay paddock. Better leave it a couple of weeks as we just cut the hay.




Around 340 meters to land but there are trees and a hill in the North


Western corner and it runs with a small downhill. Not a landing I think


I would be keen on.



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thanks P.A. i hope that is not Pakistan Airlines smiley4.gifjust kidding cheers satnam


To be read in a Pakistan accent.


Oh no but I could be saving you 50% on your local and STD calls.



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