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Not recreational.. and not fixed wing.. but

Guest Cralis

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.. this is still probably the most amazing bit of heli flying ever.


Yes, I understand that the pilot was later killed in a silly error while flying a demo of the same model BO-105. People say, 'Well, he wasn't that good if he crashed'. I disagree. Flying the way he did, he'd surely have accepted that there is a very large chance he may get it wrong one day, as there was zero error tellorance. Flying like that with passangers, or in a crowded area - THAT would be a dumb pilot.


The video of the crash is available online, but I chose not to watch that, as this video is just pure skills... :thumb_up:


YouTube - BO 105 -The flying Tiger-


Hope it's OK in this forum.



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yes skilled flying watched a similar 'aerobatic' display at airventure with the redbull helicopter. looks real scary hope i don't read about him going in one day



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I think Chuck Aaron is the pilot of the Red Bull helicopter.. also a BO-105. He's still alive and kicking...


This chap was Karl Zimmerman.



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