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  1. $50k Light Sport Aircraft? That’s one expensive drifter lol. Anyways it’s great to see a good outcome with no injuries.
  2. Could you let me know what her biography is called would be a great read
  3. At least it would scare the wedge tails away lol
  4. Fuel Burn: 155-165 U.S. gallons/hour apparently. I understand it would t be cheap but $2600 for 20mins?? That's nearly 8k per hour. The poor pilot probably makes $200. Maybe $1000 in fuel tops so I think these guys are making money. I see elsewhere though it's half that price to have a go.
  5. I just googled the L39 and it looks like it definitely. I have to say though they advertise joyflights 20mins for $2600. You would have to be mad
  6. Hi all. I was wondering if any Archerfield locals could tell me what the white (ex military looking) jet is that landed at Archerfield today was.
  7. Does anyone know how low they can be deployed?
  8. Hi all. I was wondering what everyones thoughts are on Ballistic recovery chutes fitted to trikes. There are plenty of reports where they have been deployed in 3 axis planes but I cant find any info on trikes. Are they are worthy investment and at what hight do they become unusable.
  9. Skins are great i was thinking a old 447
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