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XXXX sure

Guest fly

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Hi all


I am not quite sure whether I should have a fuel c ock or tap incorporated into my


fuel system.


Is it mandatory ?


Its on a R582 Thruster


I have a parallel system from tank to engine .


electric pump controls flow on one side,


vacum pump controls flow on other side


I don't see the need for a shut off tap as no fuel is going anywhere unless the electric pump is "on"


or rotax is running the vac pump


Tank outlet for both systems is at bottom of tank well below motor.


any comments appreciated


thanks ....................FLY



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You should be able to ensure that there is no fuel flow. If your engine is stopped and the electric pump is off, that should be the case.. The only possibility not covered is IF you want to deliberately run the engine out of fuel, and you cannot do that without a shut-off valve. Nev..



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I would put one in for two reasons. If you have an engine fire in flight and shut it down the windmilling prop will still drive the fuel pump and draw more fuel up into the engine. The second is if for some reason you have an ignition problem and can't shut the engine down by turning the mags off how do you shut it down? If you have a fuel valve you simply turn it off and wait for it run out. I fitted one in my Thruster it took all of about 5 minutes!





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