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Original Swift Promo Video


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Guest Maj Millard

What great footage of a great wing. I had the pleasure of knowing and flying with Brian Robbins, Eric Beckman and crew. They did some test flying with the early swift at Liberty field CA towing it aloft with a Hummer UL (early V-tailed Drifter) which I believe Brian flew. They also had a crew there from Stanford Uni doing telemetry analaysis of the wing in flight. Knowing that bunch was like hanging with the Wright Bros. Ross Millard.



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Swift with konig power pod


Here is a powered Swift with a Konig radial on it. this is one i saw in Italy. they are expensive. Just the wing is over 20,000 Euro. The Pod would have to cost at least 10 grand . This also had two other power pods with sachs rotary engines from snowmobiles hanging on the hanger wall. Bit of a balance act on tackoff and landing. just the thing for mountain flying.







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