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Landed a while back - just getting around to reporting in!


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Hi Folks


Finally tired of seeing the invitation to report when I log in.


This is the first anniversary of taking possession of my lovely red Foxbat LSA.


I now have the indulgence of my own aircraft with my own strip on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. Our small farm is about 2nm NE of the mast at Drysdale.


We used to have a share in a C172 which I flew out of Essendon last century but the skills deteriorated when we sold up in Melbourne and moved to the country. Last year I decided to go RA and realise some of my dreams.


Visiting aviators are welcome but you must make contact beforehand. The strips are short - 180 to 220 metres - and it is not a great idea to use them when our alpacas are in the paddock! Tried it once thinking the noise would send them to the furthest corner. Bad move, they are very curious and insist on checking out anything that intrudes in their domain!


Safe flying.




Norm Hite



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