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Nose gear suspension ideas!

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I am planning on building a savannah shortly, and plan on using it on a few unprepared strips at friends properties. so Tundra tyres will be a certainty, but i am always weary of the nosewheel on rough surfaces...


so with this in mind, i have come across a few strange setups....






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i have even thought about replacing the spring steel UC structure with a lot lighter Alloy variety, but modified with a lever type shock system, with the spring and dampner inside the fusealage or other setups even with Bungee cord... maybe this will be a project for my engineering degree i plan on starting soon...


any other thoughs on suspension setups? especially now with such lightweight materials available and in use on light weight motorbikes and racing quad bikes.



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Guest micgrace



thought a bit about that one. Possibly use a coil over schock for the leg of the nosewheel. With some sort of top bearing plate/retainer at the top instead of the usual mount aka "mcpherson strut".


And for the mains, why not a fixed top out at angle from longeron with intregral axle. Some fancy machining required for that.


Might actually work too.





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