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Guest pecram air

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Guest pecram air

Good Aftternoon All,


Whilst out near Raglan this morning (5/10/06) I got these photos of the HRT Airship here for the Bathurst Races. The ground crew members saw us admiring it and invited us for a closer look. Hope you enjoy the picks.


PS This is the my first post and I found it quite easy to do.




The view from the Office.




A lot more spacious than my 19-3096




Nice and flat out at Bathurst.




Thr gondola is like the Tardus larger on the inside than it looks on the outside.




The balack area is an actual TV screen but CASA has put restrictions on what can be shown whilst in flight.





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I watched the thing on my way home from Albury the other and I had to smile as it circled over the localFord agent someone up therehad a sence of humour.





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aparently they are in a lot of hot water because they have been flying over some big name events uninvited!


such as the Ford australia tennis, the GMC moto GP, the prime sponsores have put up heaps of cash to be the main sponsor, only to have Holden who have paid nothing for sponsorship rights come and buzz their events...



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Guest Bantam383

Looks great!


I hope you are getting a chance to do some sight-seeing over the race this weekend! I'll be watching the telecast and keeping a lookout for the little 3096 just in case.;)





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If they are not careful they will be in hot water with the police.


As I said I saw it on my way home the other and it lingered over the Hume highway and it was supprising how many people almost run off the road.Because of its size and its colour it catchers the eye after all its not every day you get to see an airship.





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