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taildragger it is! An ultralight made from a Jodel D112


also have a rans s7 and a bebe jodel if that means anything to you.


All taildraggers. Thanks for the welcome mail. I'm in France, but in an isolated area... Are you familiar with Jab engines?


happy flying





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098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Pierre,


I`m 45 kilometers south of Cairns Queensland Australia and in my early days I flew some real Ultralight aircraft,one was the Wheeler Scout and another was simply what I called a garden chair with a wing,a tail and something that resembled a motor on it.


I`ve also flown a Chinook WT2 that I built,the Quicksilver MX,the Lightwing,a Rotax 582 powered Xair,this aircraft was imported in kit form, from France, by one of my students and is based on my property,the CFM Shadow and a Zenith 701,both of these owned by another of my students and were kept on the property,there are others also but I`m thinking that I`m boring you.


I`ve owned a wire braced Drifter for 20 years,instructed with it and fly it a lot I just love the freedom of the open sky and flying from my own field.


All the best,:thumb_up:




Ps. Check out my blog on this forum.



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