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Learning to fly slow


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Hello to all,


My name is Jack, and I live in sunny California. Recently, I have decided to slow down, way down. My brother, Terry, and I have a Mooney TLSB. We usually cruise around 250kts. I have been toying with the idea of building one of the skykits models.


If you have to think about the cost of gas, it just isn't worth going anywhere.


We burn around 20 gal. per hour.


Flying low and slow is quite appealing.


Thanks for any insight you can give me on these sleek machines







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098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Jack,


My name is frank and I live at a small place called Deeral,45 kilometers south of cairns,Queensland,Australia,you`ll see it on my blog on this forum.


Lucky is the person who doesn`t have to think or wory about the price of "gas" as you call it,we call it petrol.


I don`t know anything about the kit you mention but I do know that at 55kts and the 3.69 gal of unleaded petrol that I use,I`ve converted to gals as you prefer gals,I get to stay in the air a lot longer for my buck,if not fly furthur,than you do. :thumb_up:







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this lot wouldn't know slow even if it bit them on tha ass


try 11hp total with a fuel burn of almost a gallon US an hour at 40mph max cruise.


fly slow fly Lazair:thumb_up:



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Hi Jack! (oh no....we're not supposed to say that.....Hello,,,,,,,Jack,)


Are you near ksmo? I'm in a Tecnam Bravo, 4 gal/hr, mogas 91 octane. So far, the light sport has been a saviour to more than many people.




Bravo! Bravo! Bruce



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