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Rotax 582 premix

Guest Bantam383

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Guest Bantam383



I have been using Penrite ts40c (green slime) in my 582 now for several years and although it is a pain to mix up, I've been really happy with it. Can anyone advise me of a decent substitute which is easily available now that the ts40c is not available anymore and my own supply has dried up? I have been told that Nautilus is good, but don't want to try it unless Rotax approve of it's use.







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The 2-stroke trikes here have switched to using Castrol Activ 2T. I could be wrong but I didn't think the Rotax documentation recommends any specific brand of oil but you could check with Bert Floods.







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Our club had used Castrol TT for years in our 582 LightWing, with only the odd minor problem, (hard to know if they were related?)


when Castrol changed to Activ 2T, we were just putting a new engine in and decided to go with the synthetic Castrol TTS.


So far have only done around 30 hours, so nothing to note yet.....


One of our maintainers used to race two stroke motor bikes, and swears by the synthetics. :star:


Many years back one of our members was put onto the then new super synthetics, and was told he could run it at 100:1, which he did.


He said it actually made his engine run cooler, until we figured out that with less oil in the premix, he had lowered the viscosity of the fuel, allowing more fuel through the jets! :ah_oh:


He was running richer. 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif





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Before running a 912 in drifters I used only Castrol TTS@50:1 and never had any problems in 503's, ran the 1st one to 500hrs and sold it and never layed a spanner on it. All the rest were run to 800 without touching them. I know of a couple in the area that have been taken to 1100hrs and sentin for a rebuild and were only topped as the bottom end was within spec. The only problem with Castrol now is that they have stopped supplying it in 205L drums and buying it in 1 or 4L packs is way too expensive, the last 205L worked out to about $8/L and that was about 6months ago.


Most 2strokes out here are now switching to Active2T, but there is still a problem with that as the bigest container of that now is only 20L drums, rather inconvenient!!



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi S.Drifter,


Nice to read your post.


912 Drifters....!? Are you the owner of the Drifter (Fisher MK1) that was featured in the then AUF mag about four years ago... yellow fuse and red sailsI think ?


The article was written by Marie ....AUF secretary.


If so,I thinkyou were flying to Western Queensland for property work.


How has the 912 fisher been for you in this environment?


More or less functional than the 503?


How hard do you work the aircraft?


How has it stood up to your demands?


How many hours have you done?


What have been the main 'need to watch out for' maintenance issues with the airframe ?


Have you had any hiccups with the 912 on this type?


Lots of questions I know but it would be interesting to hear from an ownerwith lots of hours practical experience ,and doubtless,lots of skills...


Look forward to reading your experiences.







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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi again S.Drifter,


Just noticed your pic. in the Drifter owners forum so I suspect you might be the owner who collaborated with Wayne Fisher to build his first Fisher(drifter) 912 model.


If so ,you might care to respond to the questions in the drifter forum...I'm sure your feedback would be most welcome.


Kind Regards





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Hi J.L


Yes that was mine and it has been earning its keep. It is on its way to 3,000hrs and when it gets there I will ascess what to do with the motor ie. keep flying it/ or get a new motor.I won't be rebuilding as I think it has saved me enough money to get a newie


I have kept an accurate record since day one on both motor and air frame.Its been running onGPS since new with 50hr oil and filter changes, the compressions are so close to new it doesn't matter andI have never added oil between changes.I've been RYCO filters for a time now even they say not to, never had an issue with them and sometimes its only 10 days between oil drops, it may be different if you are on 100 hr changes , but there's quite a difference in price


The 912 is so far ahead of the 503's that it's not an issue,in fact I've had a mates 503 out in the hanger for over 6months and I walk past it every morning to get to mine and I haven't had the slightest inclanation to fly it.


The saving on fuel alone makes it a propersition, the only time it gets over 4200rpm is at take off or if it is really windy. On a calm morning 3,800-3,900 is about it and that gives8L/hr and still has an air speed over 60kts.


One of the noticable differences other than the difference in proformance is the lack of vibration, nothing cracks, undoes or falls off either on themotor or airframe and you don't have to keep turning the pins on the floats. Another thing is spark plugs (what spark plugs)clean and gap every 100hrs.


The only issues I've had with the motor is the temps or the lack of them, and that could befixed by fitting a smaller radiator and thats been addressed with the later Mk11's. Also mines been hard to start from new, sometimessneezes and blows a carby off, have had the carbies back to Floods and still the same, maybe somebody has a suggestion as to what the cause is , it idles at 2,000 and both in sync and cables adjusted equally.


I have had no airframe issues as of yet, except routine replacement of cables ect.in fact the only rivits that have worked are 2 either side of the boom above the tail wheel and that was in the first couple hundred hours andhasn't happened since


As for how hard do I work it? I find that hard to answer. I treat it as gentle as possible, I try not to land on rough ground. In the airI try not to be too radical, sometimes you just have to wait till you are out of a turn so you can get your jaw back or there are other times when you are merrily flying along and bang ,you have to look around to see if it's still all intact. But normally I use it for water runs ,usually twice a day when it's dry which is easy work, but most of the time is spent mustering and most of the time it is not too hard on the airframe,just on the mind.Some days its not uncommon to do 4-500nm and notget out of a square of more than 20x30km. Actually I do commute between our properties, about 401nm, about 6hrs usually and under 60L of fuel and best part isno landings in between. The 182 does it in about 3hrs and 150L fuel plus all the CASSA crap


Thats about all I can think of at the moment



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi S.Drifter,


Thanks for a great response to my queries....your feedback is testimony to the aircraft and its durability, and makes nice reading in respect of your flying skills and your environment.


I think a lot of Drifter owners would like to read of your experiences.....


Wow, 3000 hrs in such a short time...some days you must do more flying than walking.


Have you spoken with Richard Eacott in respect of the starting problem


also Wayne Fisher hassome thoughts in relation to spark gap and starting problems. My 912 starts up instantly ,runs a little rough for 10 seconds or so then settles down.


You mentioned 'flying along then, bang!'......Are you are referring to strong thermals ?... Your newie,will it be another Fisher/Drifter and if so, will you do anything different during the build ?


Mine is from the same stable with some upgrades from earlier models including some 'beefing' similar toWaynes aerobatic model. The carby heat is also amust have.


I hope you and your family are coping with 'no Rain for six years'


Thank you again





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