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First two hours, done and dusted & I did it in the SportCruiser!

Guest Brett Campany

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Guest Brett Campany

What an awesome day. Knocked over my first two hours in the SportCruiser. Such and awesome aircraft, stable, quick and just all round excellence!


Trim tab's on the stick, found it very easy to taxi even with no nose wheel steering (no runway excursions!) well set up in the cabin with throttle placement and instruments. No glass cockpit on this, had a basic VFR panel and I was more than happy with that. Great views all round, very quite inside too.


So anyhow, went through all the initial stuff, climbs, decents, turns, radio calls, entering the circuit and after 1.9hrs came back in. Very happy indeed and without a doubt, I'm hooked!!


I'll update my blog after some dinner tonight or tomorrow with some full details.


You got me hook line and sinker with this though, I've been trying to figure out what to get rid of to make some extra cash to get those lessons done!


More soon in the near future!



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