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Xmas and You.

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Aye Sportsfans,



It is that time of year again and maybe time to draw breath before the holiday plunge?



Over the past year we have been over grim times on these forums in trying to learn from what happened to others. How much have we ourselves learnt? A lot I hope and mainly that we are all mortal and seek to enter an environment that is not naturally our own, that is so wonderful and yet so unforgiving of error.



You all put in a good one and do not hasten too much to ‘get there because you have to because it is Xmas and because you “have†to’. Take it a bit steady and calmly – do your checks and do your flight plans. Be an Airman not just a pilot. Weigh the pros and cons of every situation and make sure that you get back to your loved ones.



What would Xmas be without them (even if it is only your dog) and what would Xmas be for them without yourself!



Smooth skies and friendly runways sportsfans – I wish you all a really good one and especially seeing you back here same time next year to again celebrate another time of peace and goodwill.









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A timely reminder Tony. Like most of you we're planning 3 weeks of aviating over the Christmas / New Year period starting this Saturday with our 5th trip across Bass Strait to spend just over 2 weeks in Tasmania. All eyes are on the weather forecast with everything crossed for reasonable weather and a smooth running engine.


And as per Tony's note, safe skies and happy landings to you all.


PS> For those in the Wynyard / Devonport / Georgetown area - make yourselves known, would be good to catch up while we're down there...we'll be based at Devonport.



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