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Swapping J200 to J400/30


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Im thinking about upgrading to a VH 4 seat J400/430. I have a RA J200 now.


What are the rules regarding purchasing an existing experimental and maintenence seeing as I wont have built the AC?


How much does it cost to keep a VH reg Jab running (over an RAA reg one)?





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JR, if you buy a GA registered experimental aircraft that you didn't build, you will not be entitled to maintain the aircraft yourself like you can now. Unfortunately that privelage goes with the builder. The aircraft when purchased will need a maintenance release issued by a LAME. Ideally an arrangement with the prior builder could work if you are nearby where they sign off your work, but that may not work out well if something doesn't go well.


Additionally, if you are not the builder, you won't be able to train in the aircraft, so if you were thinking that you might buy one then get your GA licence, unfortunately this can't be done. You can however do endorsements in the aircraft, but that being said there are no endorsements to be gained in this aircraft by anyone with a PPL as it is merely a single engine monoplane below 5,700kg's if I've got that number correct, so therefore, nil training can be done, except perhaps maybe a controlled airspace endorsement or perhaps a night rating if the aircraft is suitably equipped for NVFR operations.


Cost of registration has changed since I got mine registered when it was only $25.


From memory it's now around $135 (the standard charge for any piece of paperwork) and there are no ongoing fees, however if it's already registered you'll be looking at a transfer fee only.


For me I paid $25 which was 5 years ago and haven't paid another cent yet.


Remember though there is no free insurance like with RA-Aus so you're up for some extra cash in that area for 3rd party liability and passenger, however this is not mandatory in GA.


PS: You might like to look at my J400. I'm considering selling it. Less than 600 hours. Carbon prop etc!



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