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Dispelling aviation myths


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How about getting rid of some of the falsities that have crept into aviation folk lore over the years, both concerning the technical & personal achievement side of aviation? For a start No Wright flyer was ever powered by a 2 stroke . The first engine was built by a bloke called Taylor (I think) And was a 4 cylinder in line alloy case motor lying on its side with atmospheric inlet valves and the exhaust valves opened by an external camshaft developed some 16 horsepower Go for it. N...



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Guest micgrace



I did see a video on a reconstruction of this engine (replica, the original was destroyed). The combustion chamber is external to the engine. Sort of screws into the head. The crankshaft throw pins are in one plane. Basically an inline four turned on it's side. It's interesting to see how the problems were overcome, using technology from that time.


I can't quite recall and I could be mistaken, the particular engine used a port at the bottom of the cylinder for exhaust instead of a vavle.


A major acheivment at the time when any lightweight engine didn't really exist.





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I THINK THE EXHAUST VALVES SCREW IN AFTER THEY ARE ASSEMBLED IN CAGES A BIT LIKE THE ROTARIES A FEW YEARS LATER (GNOME )INITIALLY. Caps key, that shows you I'm not a touch typist If anybody is interested I will try to find the book again, N....



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