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rebuild barrel

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hi all,


the group sure has grown since I first joined, great to see !


In the middle of my tst-e rebuild, thinking about a barrel fuel tank. {Are there different capcities}instead of oblong one [any advice], anyone know whereabouts of one,


also need radio, intercom headsets [any advice on brand or type ]


and a few instruments eg..vsi ,dual egt and cht


anyone know of a good cable maker 2.5 and 3mm 7/19 s/s.


Hey Thrasher,,, are you ringo ? I stillhaven't been able to source my alloy u/carriage beam , looks like I'm going with a reconditioned old one


thanks guys Percy



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Percy: Re the TST axle/carry thru bar parts etc


For your info, both 'Drano' (see his posts elsewhere on thiswebsite) and Randall of Crowley Aviation, Junee, NSW, ([email protected]) advised recently that they held stocks of both the 4130CrMo insert and 6061 T-6 alloy carry-thru rect tube material in correct lengths. But be warned..it ain't cheap!! Supply of new wire traces shouldn't cause you a problem but if so, get in touch as I havegood used ones surplus to my needs.


Cheers Bob



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Hi Percy


No he's not Ringo he's Steve.


We had to recondition ours too it seems fine now.


We use a Icom A22 with a HM Intercom sorced from Mendelssohn's (see back page of latest RA-Aus Mag)with some Peltor Headsets which all works well.



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Thanks Steve, for info, I will investigate that set up.


The Icom A22 doesn't seem to be available must be superceded by the A 24 >Do you know ?


Sorry about the Ringo mix up





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