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KT-76A transponder maintenance


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Hey, does anyone know of a good place to have the above mentioned transponder checked and calibrated? Is the encoder part of the unit, or is it located seperately?


Should any light be on to indicate that the thing is working? I have switched it on to "standby" while on the ground, but nothing indicates that it's working (ie; most electronic devices have an "operate" indicating light). There is mention in the installation manual of a "15 minute warm-up time". It is definitely getting 12V between one of the connectors and earth.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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You could take it to Simpson Avionics at Moorabbin, they did my test and tag a few weeks back. They are located on the road into Moorabbin and are next to TriStar Aviation. That's the first road that leads down to the Shell and Mobil depots.


Cost me $150 to have it calibrated and tagged.


I can't remember my old KT76a that well however it might only light up when you switch/turn it to test.



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