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  1. Hi everyone, good news... A condition report plus updated photos were emailed, and a new renewal notice sent out by return email. All sorted within 48 hours I agree with johnm that the plastic card mail-out was a far better system, no risk of email renewals buried by spam...
  2. Thanks everyone, we'll see what next week brings
  3. Cheers, I've offered to pay the 2 years in my reply email, fingers crossed...
  4. Thanks for the swift responses, it's definitely not pending or lapsed in the portal... I emailed the office and the response was "I’ve had a look at this aircraft record and I can see that unfortunately the registration for this aircraft expired back on 14th of May 2019 due to non-payment, with two renewal notices having gone out on the 14th of April 2019 and the 7th of May 2019". Unfortunately nothing telling me what to do about it! I've emailed back for some guidance so I'll see what the responce is. Happy to have a condition report done, I just hope they don't want signed photos, weight
  5. Hi Everyone! Somehow the renewal for my homebuilt Skyranger Swift aircraft was missed and a whole year has lapsed, until I started looking for a renewal notice among the myriad of emails... Anyway, the upshot is that it has now been unregistered for a year, and I'm not sure what process is required to renew the registration. It is hangered, perfectly airworthy, well maintained etc... will I need to start a whole new registration, with a condition report? A renewal? Anyone had a similar problem/experience?
  6. Hi Mark, love your build! Makes mine look rather shabby ;-) BTW did the seats come with the kit? How comfortable are they? I'm struggling to be comfortable with the standard Swift seats...
  7. Getting back to topic, after some consideration it occurred to me that I probably don't need to wear the ASIC card whilst at Avalon as a display participant: I taxi to the tie-down area, and from then to the end of the show I'm in a "public viewing area"... when I leave, I do the opposite. My feet do not contact an "airside" area at all. My only two planned stops between Tassie and Avalon are Smithton and Torquay, neither of which require an ASIC. So I'll carry the letter from RAA and if I'm pulled up... I'm happy to make it a test case in the interests of common sense!
  8. The plot thickens. After a phone call to AusCheck, it turns out that they cleared my application on the 11th of January. Another phone call to RAA, and apparently their ASIC cards are issued from Melbourne Airport, and therein lies the holdup. I got an undertaking from RAA to write a letter stating that my application is paid for and fully approved, as is the issue of the card. Of course it may well turn up in the next fortnight, but if not... that's my fallback.
  9. Ah well, it still has 2 weeks to arrive. Hope springs eternal... otherwise I'll be flying in with my RAA receipt and old ASIC card, and if they ever check and want to prosecute (never been checked in 14 years of flying into Avalon), I'll gladly go to court and testify that my $220 was debited immediately and 2 and a half months later I was still waiting for the card. And I'm obviously not a terrorist. Bring it on, I'm totally sick of this!
  10. RAA said it's out of their hands, AusCheck are holding things up. Of course the fee was debited immediately on receiving the application... 2 months ago!
  11. Thanks for that info, I'll keep it in mind for next time!
  12. Hi Everyone, Is anyone else in this position? I mailed off my ASIC (re-issue) application mid December, knowing that I'd need it to fly in to Avalon Airshow at the end of February. Sure enough, RA-Aus debited the fee straight away... and nothing. That's been nearly 2 months, and apparently the delay is with the security checking organisation, whoever they are... how ridiculous, it adds insult to injury when the justification for having to fork out for one is marginal to say the least. Now we may not be able to attend Avalon thanks to their bungling. Not impressed! Jim in Tassie.
  13. Flying the Skyranger over from Tassie for static display....
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