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THREE people were killed when a light plane ploughed into a hill last night near Gladstone in central Queensland.


The plane, travelling from the mining centre of Emerald to Gladstone in rainy weather, crashed “with some force†5km south of Raglan, near Gladstone.


The accident happened just before 7pm (AEST) yesterday, sending wreckage over a wide area and killing the pilot and two passengers, aged 22, 35 and 47.


Investigators were on their way to the crash site this morning.


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said no distress call was recorded before the twin-engined eight-to-ten seat aircraft went down.


Queensland police inspector Rowan Bond said the plane appeared to have struck about two-thirds of the way up a 200m hill.


“The wreckage goes up to 150m over the top of the crest of the hill,†he told SKY News.


“At two minutes to seven, communications in Gladstone received advice that the aircraft had dropped off the radar.


“Simultaneously, we received calls from residents south of Gladstone who heard a plane going over then a loud noise and explosion.â€Â


SKY News said the crash site was about 500m from the Bruce Highway, about 40km north of Gladstone.


Alan Stray, from the ATSB, said rain in the area had the potential to wash away some elements of evidence.


“But hopefully we can still put the pieces together and come up with an explanation for this tragedy,†he told SKY News.


“It could take some time.â€Â


Yesterday, police said the scene would be guarded overnight by police with assistance from the SES due to weather conditions.


for offical page see http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20680880-2,00.html


the plane was a piper navaho



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i am going flying today in the gazelle, although the weather is a little stormy looking i will still go to the airport and listen to atis and i will make my final decion then. i will not be flying if the weather gets worst.....i havent flown for a wile so i got to go up so i keep my licence valid



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Guest Fred Bear

Yes there has been a heap of crashes this week. Quite a few helicopters have gone down also but thankfully there were no fatalities in those crashes.



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Ive just returned from a holiday in the cold South and see the news of the crash in my area. Notice that people South of Gladstone heard the crash and also that it occurred 40 km North of Gladstone. Obviously that it incorrect reporting and I wonder what else is incorrect.





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It's very sad to hear such news at any time. It's an axample of weatherplaying some part in this disaster I feel quite certain. I note that your total time on your pilots license is just over 8 hours. I also note your comment that you haven't flown for a while so you need to get up, after you have listened to the ATIS report. The weather is looking stormy. You intend to go up in an Ultralight MTOW 544kg. if the terminal forecast is favourable. As a pilot of some 32 years & 6000hrs in both single & twin engine GA aircraft plus 6 years recreational flying may I be bold enough to give some friendly advise. Firstly, your license is perpetual & thereshould neverbe pressure placed on you to keep the license valid. That is, if your BFR is current together with your medical, you only need 3 take-off's & landings every 3 months to stay current for the carriage of passengers. And in an Ultralight aircraft 544kg is "Ultralight"with storms surrounding an aerodrome you become easy pickings for storm fronts andnasty weather elementssuch as wind shear. So, the advise I'm really trying to convey is, if the weather looks lousy even though your aerodrome is covered in sunshine, stay in the hanger do some maintenance & keep temptation at bay. Hope you have a long & enjoyable time in aviation.


Kind Regards,


LAME (retired)



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Guest David C

I'm with you on that one Darren . I like to look at that windsock and take in the weather before I put my backside in any aeroplane . I was caught out once , and I vowed then , never again . An old saying goes , " there are old pilots and there are bold pilots , but there are no old bold pilots " . Very true and worth reflecting on .





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Guest David C

Further to my last post , I have just heard of the Partenavia crash on Rotnest Island WA . Thankfully all pax got out alive , the aircraft crashing into what looked like a shallow lake . I know it wasn't an ultralight , but it does reinforce our frailty . Luck was certainly on their side .



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