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Arplast Prop

Guest Bazza

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I have a 4 blade Arplast that delaminated quite badly and would have possibly lost a blade had I not landed and checked the prop. It did have small blisters appearing about 10 cm out from the hub and I have kept a close eye on these. Last week I cranked on 1 deg extra pitch and I think this was enough to cause the prop to finally call enough. After a short flight I checked the prop and found large breaks going across the width of the prop. On close inspection this is where in manufacture the carbon fibre stops and ordinary glass takes over. It seems the carbon fibre butt joins to the glass at this area and I suspect causes a weakness. This is on a 618 pusher and the exhaust gases do exit about 10 cm immediately in front of this area as well so maybe a combination of heat has helped with this event. Whatever if you have an Arplast and/or a 618 check the prop around this area.



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Hi Bazza,


If there is not already a report on this sent in to the RA-Aus office, would you mind sending one in please?


This would be very valuable information for the Arplast factory as it highlights a possible construction issue which they may need to look into.


Please let me know if I can help in some way and perhaps we can help others using Arplasts to check their props more vigilantly.







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As your avatar shows a 'Shadow' aircraft, I would be interested in knowing your engine/prop set-up?


How many blades, what gear ratio and have the tips been trimmed?





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