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Airship over Brisbane...


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G'day team,


Noted 'somewhere' on the forum a photo or two of the Holden airship down south... Here's a few pics captured off one of my video cameras as the ship flew over the inner western suburbs of Brisbane last month. Noted too the ship got 'pinged' for a minor airspace seperation infringement while they were up here too, oops...


Quite an impressive sight close up, especially at night!


They promotional work over Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and of-course the Indy motor race at Surfers... plus no doubt other locations too.





Cheers team...



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Good shots, but you got the WRONG SIDE! 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


The other side has a huge TV screen on it running commercials.


Would be worth filming , putting up on YouTube and linking to here. ;)





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G'day Arthur, yep... bloody wrong side all right rats!. I did see the 'other side' and quite an impressive bit of electronic advertising.


Listening to the pilot he indicated that next year the airship will have a totally new electronic all colour screen of far higher brightness, etc. Not quite sure what he meant by that as the screen already is multi-coloured..?


I have to say that seeing the advertising on the side of the airship at night is VERY IMPRESSIVE to the degree that motorist need to be careful as to not to become distracted looking at the airship and it's electronic signage. Its good!


No wonder a certain manufacture is 'dummy spitting' at the moment with the airships 'ambush advertising' of certain sponsored events. Imagine tyring up advertising contacts an spending squillions of your product promotion only to be upstaged by a large slow moving very bright airborne advertising 'billboard' promoting the oppositions brand....


If you can believe the poll'ies they reckon they are going to legally 'shoot-it-down' to stop the airship from overflying the various sporting venues, etc, etc... Hmmmm.


If our poll'ies can act that quick for a commercial $$$ incident makes one ponder as to why they can't get their act together with our airspace regs.. Now that's wishful thinking


Cheers Arthur



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