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Trim Tab technical advisory cameSpring replacement

Guest aeroclub13

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Guest aeroclub13

Hi everyone,


a technical advisory 12e dated 01.11.06 has come out for our 2006 model and leaves us guessing. Has anyone to do the same spring replacement? The spring was sent to us including installation instructions however we find it difficult to remove the "safety pin of the Angle Ball Joint". This safety pin seems to be minute and has to be put back later. We only can see (with torch and magnifying lens) a tiny stub and have no idea how to get it out or on after the job is done. This is my first attempt on a forum, regards





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Hi Ingrid,


Will be doing the mod. next week (Nov 23rd.) as my L.A.M.E will not be available until then. I will certainly be taking some photos of the process and will post them here.


I have not had a look at the M5 Angle Ball Joint as yet, however from your description, access must be difficult so am not looking forward to it...... Sounds more like a job for a dentist!!







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