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leather mic muffs


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A while ago in the Pacific Flyer mag, Peter Mclean introduced his muffs for open cockpit flying. There wasn't a contact given only a price. Does anyone know where to get some?


Pacific Flyer mag page 47 Oct 2006





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Ah - I have it after an internet search.


Contact Name: Peter McLean


Address: Hanger 19, John Duigan Drivem Yarrawonga Aerodrome Yarrawonga VIC 3730


Phone Number : (03) 5744 1466


Mobile: 0427 011 925


Fax Number: (03) 5744 1466


For leather mic muffs for open cockpit flying.





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I happen to have a set of those leather microphone mufs from Peter. I suppose you probably have yours by now too, but though it was worth saying how much they really do cut down the wind noise coming through the mike into the intercom in my trike, especially if you cover the little hole with your lip like Peter recommends.



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