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For anyone interested in covers, my CT Cover arrived today from Sunnyvale CA. (USA) and I have attached some photos.


It was extremely well made by Bruce's Custom Covers.....the fabric is a silver laminate, being a medium weight nylon and treated for UV resistance and anti-static build up. The inner lining is brushed nylon Tricot knit which is very soft and will protect the plexiglass windshield and acrylic finishes.


The outer material is water proof, yet breathable to allow moisture to escape from between the cover and windshield surface.













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Hi Paul,


The cover was US$415.00 + 8.5% sales tax. As the exchange rate these days is a 'moveable feast', it's probably better to calculate it around the time you intend ordering. Weight is about 5.5 kgs. (there are other variations of the cover....with less or more covered....this was the configuration that suited us best).


There is alithium back up battery in the Dynon EFIS D100 which holds it's charge by drawing down on the ships battery.


The12V car battery is connected to the aircraft battery viathe jumper leads and external power connections so as to ensure that the ships battery is not unduly depleted.







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