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European Sports and Recreational Aviation Conf


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<TD colSpan=2 ="main">Sporting and Recreational Aviation Conference</TD></TR>






<TD colSpan=2>By Harry Schoevers


Posted: November 10 2006






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<TD style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify" width=332>EUROCONTROL and EUROPE AIR SPORTS (EAS), the association of the European National Aero Clubs and European Air Sports Unions, will jointly hold the 1st Sporting & Recreational Aviation Conference at the EUROCONTROL HQ on Friday 1st December 2006.


With a theme of ‘Airspace for Air Sports’, the objective of the conference


is to bring European sporting and recreational aviators together with


EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Management specialists who are working on airspace,


communications, navigation and surveillance issues. The Conference will see


EAS providing overviews of private powered flying, gliding, hang/para


gliding, microlight, and ballooning activities, with their attendant need


for airspace. EUROCONTROL will provide Air Traffic Management information


that is likely to affect sporting & recreational flying activities in the


future. The agenda is attached.


The Conference will start at 9.30 and close at 17.00. More details and


registration facilitiy can be found on




An audience of 70-100 individuals of private pilots, representative


organizations and aviation authorities are expected.


Thank you for your attention,


yours sincerely,


Sir John Allison, President,


Harry Schoevers, Secretary-General</TD></TR></T></T></TABLE></TD></TR></T></T></TABLE> Captain



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